A place of worship and prayer since the 12 th century. The present-day building, which replaced a Romanesque chapel from 1150, was built between 1854 and 1895 in the Neo-Gothic style by the architect from Rouen, Jacques-Eugènes Bartélémy, who drew his inspiration from the 13 th century. The Basilica houses the statue of Notre-Dame de la Délivrande ( the Black Madonna). The pilgrimage to Douvres la Délivrande, succeeding a pagan workship, is the oldest one in Normandy. During the Middle Ages, it was as renowned as the one to the Mont-Saint-Michel, a procession still takes place in August. The first Statue of Notre-Dame, the Virgin Mary, dating back to the Middle Ages was destroyed by the Protestants in 1561. The current stone statue is a black Madonna offered in 1580 by Canon Pierre Legendre.


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